March the Mississippi: A Community Health Challenge

As part of CRMC’s Community Health Needs Assessment efforts to decrease obesity and overweight rates of Crow Wing County residents by increasing their activity, CRMC is posing a community health challenge to give people extra motivation to start exercising or to keep exercising, and hopefully continue the activity as part of a lifestyle commitment. The health challenge is based on exercising a collective number of miles to reach a community goal.

Named March the Mississippi, participants will walk, hike or run along the Mississippi River State Water Trail from Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico and back, a total of 4,700 miles.

miles to go!

Adults age 18 and older participating will have the chance to win the grand prize of a $2,000 travel voucher. When the community reaches the adult goal of miles tracked, the prize will be awarded.  There will also be other weekly prizes awarded that will be that will be announced on WJJY Radio and on CRMC’s Facebook page.

The challenge will kick off March 31 and registration will remain open through April 15.

There is also a program for younger residents, see the Youth Challenge for details.